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On March 19th, I taught a seminar for Idaho Camera in Boise and had 85 attendees! The class was for professional photographers and people considering photography as a business. I had a blast meeting some new photographers from all over the area, and we covered a lot of really good information. I had a lot of positive feedback from people at all levels learning their craft. Many questions were answered and new friends were made. Thank you to all those that attended.

I want to thank you for you for your interest in my classes and workshops. I am very proud of the success of all of the students I have worked with in the past. Some have gone on to open studios, win awards, or just improve the quality of the photography in their studio. Some are just happy that they are now able to get fabulous images of their children or grandchildren and know that the money the spent on that fancy camera was an investment that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. With my easy to understand techniques it’s easy to get consistent results and know how your equipment works without spending hours trying to figure out that camera manual that seems to be written in a different language. My training classes are not lecture based where you set in a chair and look at the clock with dread, but rather fun hands on experience where the time will fly. I also promise that after your class you will get this stuff and wonder why you didn’t take the class sooner. I hear stories all the time from my students who just photographed an important family event such as a reunion or wedding or once in a lifetime vacation before they took my class and had not gotten any good images. Don’t let this happen to you and your friends and family. My classes are affordable and easy to understand. I am offering a limited number of classes per year depending on the season and my work load with my clients, if you have invested in quality gear, now its time to invest in yourself. Just ask my students and they will tell you their success stories. Best Wishes! Dirk

Hey there Dirk! I came to your studio in 2010 (I think) and you trained me on studio lighting and other photography related things. I just wanted to let you know that I now have a very successful part-time photography business. I am booked out a month at any given time, I’ve finally started to figure out how to increase my print sales and I’m very close to making the move to only accepting newborns and children (this is where my talent really lies).
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you thank you for your help in getting me to where I am today.
my website is

-Loni Smith

Thank you so much for teaching me how to use my camera and equipment.  I will now be able to take everything that I learned and take amazing pictures.  I’m so grateful that you shared your time and knowledge with me.  You take amazing pictures!

-Tamara Pivett

I’ve learned so many things that I didn’t know about my camera, lighting and photography in general!  I can’t wait to get back for another lesson

-Julie Prairie

Enjoyed the class- learned what I need to take great photos.

-Gail Myers

Dirk took the time to explain details about photography that I had questions about.  He was easy to follow and very informational.  I appreciated him sharing his time and talent with me to help me become better.  I’d recommend his workshops to anyone – The beginner to the professional.

-Maggie Malsen

I liked how Dirk made the class fit my needs.  He was good explaining things I needed to know about my camera, AV, TV, & the information about my photos (what to change) was very helpful.  I will be back for a second class.

-Nita Robinson

Love the studio!  Thank you so very much for all the help

– Bridgette Newell

Thank you so much for all your help and knowledge!  I appreciate it very much!  I would reccomend your studio to anyone!

-Holly Cornell

This class has really taught me how to use my camera in ways I never knew it could be used.  I have a new lookout on taking photos and how to pose people for them.  Thank you.

-Michelle Bealey

 Dirk is a very experienced photographer, and he uses his expertise well in his class.  He related information clearly and looks for ways to relate it to the student’s own experiences.  I would gladly take another class from him!

-Kris Mesler

 The class was wonderful!  I learned so much.  I’m very excited to keep making my pictures better!  Thank you!  Looking forward to the Photoshop class!

-Christina Bodely

This class is just what I was looking for.  I feel like I have a better ability to take pictures – especially of my family.  Taking good pictures of my family is worth more than any amount of money I could have paid.  I would take this class again!  Thank you for all your help

-Keely Arnold

The class was great.  I learned so much in an easy to understand way.  The four step process made it easy for me to better understand my camera & how to get better shots.

-Brieanna Ross

Very informative class that is easy to understand.  Would highly recommend this class to anybody.

-Travis Christensen

Dirk, the class was great I feel I have a real jumping off point and the initial tools to really improve my photos.  I look forward to having more classes to go further.

-Robert Gale

A great refresher & fabulous tips to go from ok to great- thank you!


Super informative- had lots of fun- great fun

-Lynda Squire

Great class!  I really learned a lot and feel more confident with my photography skills.

-Lisa Harm

Excellent class.  Very informative.  You made the process of taking pictures much easier for me.  Thank you.

-Keith Austin

Dirk is a great teacher. Anyone wanting to improve their skills with a camera could learn a lot from him and have a great time doing it.

-Albert Dickson Whetstone Imagery

Enjoyed the class, learned what I will need to take great photos!

-Gail M.

I liked how Dirk made the class fit my needs. He was good at explaining things I needed to know and was very helpful. I will be back for a second class.

-Nita R.

Great class very Knowledgeable-I learned several new things I cant wait to try! Thanks again!

-Lisa C.

Dirk is a very experience photographer, and uses his expertise well in his classes. He relates information clearly and looks for ways to relate it to the students own experiences. I would gladley take another class from him!

-Kris M.

The class was wonderful! I learned SO much. I’m very excited to keep making my pictures better! Thank You! Looking forward to the photoshop class!”

-Christina B.

This class is just what I was looking for. I feel like I have a better ability to take pictures-especially of my family. Taking good pictures of my family is worth more than any amount of money I could have paid. I would take this class again! Thank You!

-Keely A.

Your class give me the understanding of what makes a good photograph and how to use my camera as a tool to get the good shots, understanding all the basics is what I needed to move forward!


This class was GREAT! you have made me feel way more confident in my picture taking! Thank you so much!

-Kyli J.

Awesome class! now I have the knowledge and the tools to take good photos. Thanks so much!

-Jennifer H.

The class was great. I learned so much in an easy to understand way. The four step process made it easy for me to better understand my camera & how to get better images.

-Breanna R.

Very informative class that is easy to understand. I would highly reccomend this class to anybody!

-Travis C.

I very much enjoyed the class! Your attention to detail and caring teaching style are wonderful! ”

-John B.

Professional atmosphere in a very relaxed setting. Dirk makes it all seem effortless.”

-Chris F. Christopher Robert Photography

Your class was wonderful & so helpful. I came into the class only using the auto setting and after one lesson I was using the other settings with confidence.”  

-Bridget C.

 You were friendly and made things easy to understand and apply. I was very impressed with your expertise and professionalism. I would recommend  this training to anyone wanting to take the leap from amateur to professional.”  

-Loni S.

I’ve learned so many things that I didn’t know about my camera, lighting and photography in general! I can’t wait to get back for another lesson.”  

-Julie P.

Thank you so much for your help and knowledge! I appreciate it very much! I would recommend Lightdances to anyone!

-Holly C.

Thank you for your help. I got a lot of positive feedback. I now have a different way of looking at photos I will be taking. Thank you again! I defiantly will take the information you have given me and use it in my photography.

-Virginia  C.

This class has really taught me how to use my camera in ways I never knew it could be used. I now have a new outlook taking photographs.

– Michelle B.


2013 Phototography Class options


The professional working photographer                                                $3.995.00 limited availability

Are you considering starting a part-time or full time photography business? Wondering how do I go from a GWC or “guy or gal with a camera” to a serious professional? Maybe you have a website, a price list and some business cards what next? Think your ready but not quite sure which direction to go? Do you know the 4 biggest myths about operating a photography business?.

Learn from my $6.000.00 mistake and my $19.200.00 mistake so you dont waste your money like I did. Do you know the most important thing to do to build a sucessful photography business? Do you know the biggest reason photographers fail?Need help with your workflow or planning and marketing skills? Find out what works and what doesnt in this business?Learn the tips and secrets to save yourself time and money.

 I was talking to a very nice young lady a while ago who had just completed training for a career as a photographer. Her cost for this training program from a reputable school was well over $50.000 dollars and she still had $40.000 dollars in student loans left to repay.. I asked her if they had any job placement program or any kind of marketing program that would help her to start and build a sucessful business. Guess what she said, “no they really didnt get into that” I couldnt believe it, a professional education for$50.000 no game plan? Your on your own kid now get out there and pay us back that $40 K. Don’t make the same mistake as this young lady Dont misunderstand me here, making great images and knowing your equipment is important. Education is important but you need to know how this business works and you need a plan to get you where you wish to be. As one of my mentors used to say “you need to plan your work and work your plan”.

This class covers everything you need to know about how to shoot and light people and products inside and out side the studio. We cover the most important aspects of building the client relationship and winning ways for marketing your business. This one class will eliminate years of trial and error and save you tons of money in the long run. Call us to chat about specifics of this limited course offering.

Every aspect of how to be in the photography business is covered including branding, retouching and post production, presentation for maximizing sales. If you are struggling and want the inside track this class is for you.

Average training time 50-65 hours, in six sessions with this comprehensive 6 week mentoring study.








The Professional Edge from Lighting to Photoshop & Beyond (private)             $850.00

Lights, camera, action…Go beyond snapshot quality images learn the techniques to produce quality portraits with or without a studio.  What equipment should you spend your hard earned money on, and what do I really need to improve my images?   Study the importance of posing, lighting and composition.  Includes Studio 101, making lighting set ups work for your portrait style. You will learn lighting and Photoshop secrets to take your images to the next level.  The curriculum of this class is based upon your current level of training and what your personal needs are to get you where you would like to be with your photography. In this hands on class we will be shooting with models to show lighting and posing secrets for success. Prerequisite/ This class requires a working knowledge of your cameras functions or our “The right stuff training”.  5-6 hours, in either one or two sessions



The Right Stuff Basic Training (private)                                                $485.00  limited time only 

 Do you want to experience the most intense photography course offered in Idaho in a private one-on-one environment where you have no competition for my time? This could be the turning point in your understanding exactly what it takes to turn around and become the photographer you have always wanted to be. You will never fail this class I personally take you under my wing, so to speak, to make sure you get this stuff. You will succeed. I guarantee it!  This is my most poplular class and for good reason, you will have all my attention and we fine tune this training to your specific needs and desires  I make sure you find the information for sucess as a photographer.                                                                                          
Need to get the basics under your belt great? We’ll start there. Already know that stuff and ready for the next level? No problem.  The Right Stuff will take you where you need to be. Whether your interests are in still life, portraits, landscapes, scenic or other styles you prefer.  We cover all the stuff you need to know to get the images you want to create.  Includes portfolio review and private hands on training with a professional photographer.  Learn how to make photography second nature.  Explore your equipment and how it works.  Simplify your equipment needs and camera operations.    Please bring your camera and all attachments with your manual. Call for details. 4-5 hours,  your choice in one or two sessions


The Right Stuff Training (small group)                                                  $150.00

Do you want to experience the most intense photography course offered in Idaho in a small group setting?

This class covers our easy to learn 4 step process for great images. This fun course will completely turn around your shooting style. Small group classes are generally on Saturday mornings at 11:00 a.m. and last about 3.5 hours depending on class size, this workshop is done in one session for six to ten photographers. We will cover the basic functions of each student’s camera.  My way of teaching is simple. If you are smarter than a 5th grader…you’ll be fine.  Any camera type is welcome in my class, however point and shoot cameras are limited in their use. We will spend time teaching what your camera is designed to do and not to do. This is the boring theory part but we ALWAYS make it fun. We’ll have a model to practice on or we will use each other. . Very fun and you will get to photograph the models using the techniques I teach!  I will look at your photographs taken during the class and give you real time advice. It’s the best way to learn.  We will show you the tools of the trade and give tips on how to save money in your equipment needs. Preparing for your workshop…You will be working hands on with your own camera. Bring your camera with all your lenses, an on camera separate flash (if you have one).  Bring extra batteries, compact disk or smart cards and the manuals for all your equipment. Many students tell us that they learned more in this single session class than they earned in several weeks of training with other schools. 

The Light Stuff Training (small group) $120

Get to know all about Light, without light there is no photograph. In this class we will cover all kinds of good information about all types of light. Using natural lighting sources, using light modifiers correctly. Good light verses bad light, when and how to use flash or small camera strobes, studio lighting basics how to light a portrait professionally with one light source, what to do with to much light. How lighting affects mood. Learn how to light any subject properly without spending tons of money on expensive lighting equipment.

Get both Classes The Right Stuff and the Light Stuff training class together a $260 value $190 for a limited time! only call today for details! Remember all our classes are gauranteed, you will learn this stuff!



Studio 101 (small group)                                                          ask about pricing! 

Studio 101 (private one-on-one) $325.00

In this class we look at how to use lighting equipment and set ups for great results .Discussion includes proper use of studio lights, modifiers, high key, low key images.  Main lights, fill lights, separation lights everything you need to know to get great results with your portable or home studio. 2 -3 hours, in one session


Small Group Training Workshops                                            ask about pricing! 

Intensive training (private one-on-one) $250.00

These single topic workshops focus more in depth on various topics, and include both studio and location shooting: How to shoot a wedding the right way •Photographing families, children & Models • Posing Techniques •Lighting -“Creating a WOW Image!” • Nature –  How to get the landscape and scenic images you see in magazines with the equipment you already have and what you really need to do the job the right way without spending lots of money. call for information. 2-2 1/2 hours, per session

Photoshop Classes for Elements  $355.00

This is the right stuff training to post production, we show you how this stuff works. We break it down and make it easy! And no, you dont need to study a training manual for days or hours to get the great images you see in magazines and on the internet. I show you what works and how you can quickley become able to take a snapshot and make it into a work or art. Many students have commented that “they have learned more in the class than classes where they spent many weeks and at a much greater expense”.

This is a one on one private training session and averages about 4 to 5 hours depending on your learning curve available in your choice of one or two sessions.


If you have any questions about any of our training classes or workshops call for more details at 208-371-7701!

Remember also the we rent out our georgous fully appointed studio for your private shooting needs. (limited availibility) See below for details or call 208-371-7701 .


                                               Studio Rental



  • Complete studio lighting system includes professional Lights, stands, boom,multiple sizes up to 4×6 ft size soft boxes, umbrellas, reflector panels,Heavy duty tripods.
  • White vinyl backdrop 9ftx 22 ft floor to ceiling
  • Black, mottled muslin backdrop, 9ftx20ft  multi color gels, backdrop paper available * grip items, clamps, ladders, stepladder.
  • Old masters painted back drops 10×16, 5×7,& 9 ft x10 sizes in blue/brown tones
  • Digital lighting check and preview
  • Photography assistance in setting up lighting, backdrops, and props
  • Clothes steamer & garment press
  • Bottled water available
  • Central air conditioning and heat, & mobile fan
  • Front Lounge Area with TV
  • Private Dressing Rooms  
  • Private Restroom)
  • Conference Room   
  • Professional photoshop retouching available * $70 per hour
  • Studio sound system  



Day Rate $400 (up to 8 hours), Half Day $200 (up to 4 hours) Two hours (min) $160 (up to ) also, limited discounted studio partner weekly & Montly Rates available. 

additional hours are $80 (up to) , Evening hour rental by availability (add 20% )

            All studio equipment Lighting & backgrounds and props included in pricing.

      Camera Rental $35 per hour per hour, Tux, drape for girls, rental  $30 per hour (In studio only)

Our Studio is located in Boise  Idaho at Suite 6864 S. Eisenman Road in the Boise Outlet mall,  off I-84 at Gowen Road Boise  Idaho 83713

            Day Rental is from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. You will be required to break for 1 hour for lunch. Half day is up to 4 hours, with by the hour available.  Other hours may be arranged on a special needs basis.

Our Insurance and leasing arrangement requires that one of our representatives be present at all times while the studio is in use and he or she must supervise the movement and use of all equipment props and backgrounds for the shoot.  For this reason you will have an assistant with you throughout the shoot.  We will be available to assist with backdrop changes, lighting changes, prop moving and other general assistance.  We are there to ASSIST you in your shoot, not to manage or direct your shoot. Call studio for pricing & studio availability times. (208) 371-7701 or e-mail Dirk for details.