We worked with Dirk when our family had a photo shoot with Woman’s World magazine.  Dirk and his team were very professional and wonderful to work with.  We were very pleased with the pctures.  They turned out beautiful!  We would recommend their services!  Thank you!

-The Aldrich Family

This whole experience was FABULOUS!  I was nervous at first but both Dirk & Sabina made me feel comfortable.  Would definitely recommend them to others!

-Katie Hernandez

This first shoot with Dirk & Sabina was amazing!  They were beyond professional and the pictures were completely breathtaking!  This was on my bucket list and exceeded my wildest dreams.  Thank you both for making me look damn good!


I felt comfortable when going through the photo shoot.  They were so accommodating and had so much patience.  I really enjoyed the process.  Thank you both of you for working with me.  It was a pleasure.


Thank you for a fabulous experience through my boudoir photo session.  I was apprehensive at first but you guys made me feel so comfortable.  I love how my images turned out, I can’t wait till my husband sees my book. You guys made me look beautiful!  Thank you so much.

-Krystle Doherty

My pictures turned out great!  I had a super time.  Thank you so much!  I will definitely be sending my family and friends!!

-Vanna Kay

What amazing people to work with.  They really know their stuff.  Looking back I really had fun & can’t wait to do my next shoot.


I had the most incredible time!  I was so anxious prior to the shoot, but I felt immediately comfortable once I began working with Sabina & Dirk.  They were professional and so talented!  I can’t believe how wonderful my photos turned out, and I can’t wait to do it again!


It took me 53 years to find someone who could not only take a good picture but could also capture my essence.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You have all my gratitude.  It was sooo much fun!  Best wishes for your very bright futures

-Cindi C.

I had a great experience, I look forward to working with them both again.  Thanks again both of you!


I just want to say how comfortable it was throughout the entire process.  THe meet and greet before the session set the tone of professionalism and positivity.  I was ready to do this for myself and Sabina & Dirk made it a perfect environment to do this.  For me to see the end result was literally like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one!!  I would recommend them to any and all my friends & family.  Enjoy the journey!


What an incredible experience!  I’ve never had my pictures taken solo before and I’ve always wanted to.  I sincerely appreciate the work that you two did.  I want to have my pictures taken again and have every intention of coming back.  I felt so comfortable with you guys and am so excited to share my pictures.  Thank you again and I will see you soon!


An absolutely wonderful experience.  Can’t say enough of how pleased we are with the session & book.  Thank you.  Highly recommend

-Denise K. Romero

I had a great time at my session.  Dirk and Sabina were very accomodating.  I would reccomend him to friends and family.  Thank you!

-Shalice Jacobs

Thank you so much Dirk and Sabina.  You made this experience very fun for me.  I know my husband will love his gift.  I will recommend you to my friends looking for a fun and unique gift idea.  Thx


This experience has been outstanding in every way.  From the planning to the purchasing, you have helped me get everything I was hoping for and more.  Your patience during the shoot and speed of the entire process are so appreciated and considerate.  Thank you for everything! 


Thank you for making an experience that could have been awkward a very comfortable and fun experience.  The images are great and I can’t wait to see the look on my fiance’s face when he sees them.


I had a great experience doing a shoot w/ one of my good friends!  We are pleased with our photos and the end product.  Thanks so much!


What a great experience!  I was so pleased with the results of my shoot.  I was nervous but Dirk and Sabina made me feel so comfortable.  


I was so comfortable during my session.  It was a great experience and the photos turned out wonderful.  A great gift to myself.


My family & I had a very enjoyable experience during the shoot.  After, my wife and I sat with Dirk & Sabina to choose our favorite images – they were very helpful, knowledgeable & kind.  We will difinitely recommend Lightdances & be back for future photos.  Thank you so much!

-The TeBeau Family

I had a fantastic time doing my photography session.  I was a little nervous but they made me feel at ease, posing- a lot harder than I thought, love the results.  Great pictures!

-Barb Crawford

What a truly wonderful experience.  I loved every moment that I worked with Dirk and Sabina.  They made me feel comfortable and beautiful.  I highly recommend them to anyone who wants beautiful photos to cherish for a lifetime.

-Katlin Harris

I thouroughly enjoyed my photo session!  It was a blast and Dirk & Sabina were wonderful to work with… they made me feel completely comfortable!!  Plus the pictures are fabulous!!  I will definitely be back!


Wonderful experience!  My girlfriends & I had a fabulous time.  We would do it again every year!  Pictures were beautiful!


I was so scared/excited for my shoot but I immediately felt comfortable & at ease!  The day flew by and I had so much fun!  Then when I saw the images I was in awe!  The book and canvas were better than I could imagine & I am absolutely thrilled with the final product!  Can’t wait for the next time!

-Janica H.

Dirk & Sabina were excellent working out family.  We got great pictures that will last a lifetime for our family!  We look forward to using them again in the future.

-Tina Adams

I was so extremely nervous when I first booked my session, however after about 5 minutes into it, Dirk and Sabina had made me feel right at home and so comfortable.  Not to mention my pictures turned out fabulous!  I look forward to working with them again!  Thank you both so much!

-Holly Johnson

Dirk & Sabina made this a really fun experience.  They really captured the beauty of my wife that will be charished for years to come. It is well worth the expense.  Thank you for the beautiful pictures and for going above & beyond expectations with the mounting.  BTW, my wife said the photo shoot was really fun.  Thank you again.

-Lorin & Kristy

I had a really hard time choosing only a few of the great photos you took!  I’ve been told I’m a “challenging” subject but you made me look like a pro!  Thank you very much!

-Bridget Moore

Thank you!  I had an absolute blast!  Not for a moment did I doubt my pictures!  Thank you both for making me feel comfortable and looking fabulous!


We love the photos and could not be happier.  It was great working w/ Sabina and Dirk.  Be sure to listen to their advice if you want excellent results.  Thanks.

-Jex and Angela

I appreciated working with al of you.  This was out of my comfort zone and you made me comfortable.  The books are beautiful & will be treasured.

-Deanna Everett

So glad I finally decided to do this.  You make the whole experience easy, comfortable.  Very talented: artistic, even maybe made my photos better than I “looked”- Thanks so very much! 

-Linda Simon

Thanks for doing such a professional and beautiful job for us. I will recomend you! Thanks Again!

-Pamela DeMarch

OMG! Fabulous work! We love everything from the book to the canvas portrait. I cannot believe how beautiful you both made my pictures come out. A BIG thank you! We appreciate you guys!

-Michael & Edna

I hate having my picture taken, but Dirk made it very fun & when I came back I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the way they turned out. My complexion looked amazing! Thank you So much You are great!

-Megan M.

Dirk made it a great experience. Walked me thru the finer points to make sure we got great photos.

-Cindy Pavel

I had a blast doing the Boudoir, both Dirk and Sabina were professional to work with and the portrait’s turned out Fabulous!

-Angela Allen

I had so much fun through this whole process. I appreciate your talent and skill, you have made my boudoir experience very memorable.

-Carly Heins

Dirk and Sabina were amazing! I did a lingerie shoot and felt very comfortable & had a blast! I want to do this again! Lots of time& energy is put into their product. I felt beautiful! The final products blew me away!

-Lisa Gaddis  

 My girlfriend and I came in for a photoshoot with Dirk & Sabina and had a n amazing time! These two are fabulous to spend time with and have an amazing photo session. They made me feel extremely comfortable and beautiful! I will be back for another session one day soon! :o) xoxoxo 

-Suzanne  Shelds

 Dirk told me he would make me look beautiful…..and he did! Loved working with him, he made me feel very comfortable. I loved my “photo session” I came out feeling like a pro, and the photos are fabulous.

-Rae Ann Tolley

 Thanks you guys for making me look and feel young again & better than I have ever been at any age! It was so much fun and I am soo glad I put myself in your professional hands!! Keep making people happy!

Cheryl Bower

 Enjoyed every minute, from the first call to get information to booking and the acual session. I had such a great experience! I absolutely love my photos. Great team! Thanks again!


 I was completely satisfied with Lightdances! They did an amazing job with the shoot and the book I ordered. They  were extremely fast and flexible to get me in. I wuld highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you so much! 


 I loved my session, it was so much fun and I felt completely comfortable. The pictures came out amazing and I can’t wait to do it again.

-Kim Brethaur

 My session was a wonderful experience! I have told all my friends about and cant wait to do it again!

-Lajean Wilson

 Dirk & Sabina, You are fabulous! I loved my photos, the session was fun and so professional, I felt comfortable throughout the whole process and I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome! My sweetie is going to be so surprised! You guys do great work! Thanks so much!

-Marie Kemper

Pictures are great, thanks for helping us decide what we wanted and needed.

-Jen Beck

Exceeded my expecatations the portraits were so pretty and the studio had everything I needed for portraits to come out above and beyond what I had ever seen. Dirk was easy to work with and respected my opinion on the portraits I choose.

-Christine Bennett

Showcase Limousine & Executive transportation

My daughter and I had such a wonderful experience in our modeling session.  We were astounded by the outcome.  We both felt beautiful and that shined through in the pictures.

-Teresa Schwarz 

Thank you so much for your services.  I had so much fun through this whole process.  I appreciate your talent and skill.  You have made this experience very memorable.

-Carly Heins 

My girlfriend and I came in to do a photo shoot with Dirk and Sabina and had an absolutely amazing time!  These two are fabulous to spend time with and have an amazing photo session!  They made me feel extremely comforable and beautiful!  I will be back for another session one day soon!

-Suzanne Shields

Was prepared to hate my pictures – but was pleasantly surprised!  I found one I love & will come back again.  Thank you

-Fela Scott

Dirk told me he would make me “look beautiful”… and he did!  Loved working with him, he made me feel very comfortable.  I loved my photo session and came out feeling like a pro.  And the pictures are fabulous.

-Rae Ann Jolley

Thank you both for making me look and feel young again & better than I’ve ever been at any age!  It was so much fun & I’m so very glad I put myself in your professional hands!!  Keep making people happy!

-Cheryl Bower

Enjoyed every minute!  From the first call to get information, to booking my appointment, to my actual session I had such a great experience 🙂  I absolutely love my photos!  Dirk and Sabina are a great team!  Thanks again!!


I was completely satisfied with Lightdances!  They did an amazing job with the shoot.  They were extremely fast and flexible to get me in!  I will highly reccomend them!  Thank you so much Sabina & Dirk!


I loved my session, it was so much fun and I felt completely comfortable.  The pictures came out amazing and I can’t wait to do it again.

-Kim Brethauer

My session was a wonderful experience that I have told all my friends about and I can’t wait to do it again.

-LaJean Wilson

You promised I would haev a good time – and I did!  The pictures are great and I can’t wait to give them to my kids.  Thanks

-Linda M.

Thank you for the wonderful memories!!!  The experience of getting to get the makeover combined with such a fun and relaxing photo shoot was absolutely fantastic!!!  My daughter blossomed in front of your camera!  I am very pleased with how many incredible images you guys captured.  Thank you!!!  We will treasure this memory forever & ever.

-Julie Bond

The book turned out beautiful!  Thanks so much!  It was fun & very comfortable working with you both!  Appreciate all your hard work & special talents!  Thanks again for a wonderful book!

-Keri Nelson

Thanks so much, your pictures may be just the difference I need in my resume to get me that perfect job.

-Jan Henry

The photo shoot was awesome.  Loved it.  You did a great job.  Love the photos.

-Lily Maltin

Thank you, Dirk.  You went above and beyond to give my family and me something to cherish forever.  The images of my children made my heart swell- they were done with such class and artistic flair.  Thank you again.

– Heather, Remington & Oliver Ellis

Our family truly enjoyed sharing a set of sessions – one of our son and daughter-in-law and two grand-daughters and one of my husband and myself.  That way we had pictures of all six of us, as well as studies of son’s whole family!  This provided some lovely Christmas gifts!

-Judi Samer

My family and I had a great time. Not only we got a great picture, but we got a friend.  Thanks for making our family look and feel great!

-Nasdina Heithoff

I had a great time taking the photos and absolutely LOVE my photos.  I can’t wait to take more, & some family ones.  LOVE THEM

-Sarah Cushman

Thank you Dirk!  Our family had a wonderful experience and now have wonderful portraits to cherish.  Thank you again!

-Becky Rowan

Thank you for sharing your talent.  I will cherish these forever!

-Tiffany Stillwell

I am so thrilled with the pictures.  The quality is beautiful.  I loved the choice of lighting, poses, creativity and varied backgrounds you offered.  The professionalism you displayed was so appreciated.  Choices were difficult because of the quality of each & every picture.  The poses were natural & you seemed to capture the best of each person- all 15 of us!  Also, Dirk, working with you was a pleasure.  Your willingness to please everyone & accommodate all our needs was so appreciated.  Your sensitivity to everyone’s needs was so appreciated.  Thanks, again, for a wonderful experience & pictures that will provide pleasure & memories for years to come.

-Deaun Zeno

Wow, what can I say!  Dirk is AMAZING!  Our newborn session went great but the finished product was just… well, it made me cry!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his work!

-Liz Gleese

My oh my!  We love our photos!  We used a Groupon to have some fun as a couple shot.  Go figure… we got engaged after we took them.  I really think we will use our photos for our invites.  It was one of the best investments we have made to date.  Thanks Dirk you made it so special!  Terrific!!

-Erica & Haynes

I thought you did a great job and I’ll refer my friends and family to you!

-Venessa Brown

We had our maternity & newborn pictures with Dirk.  Thank you thank you thank you for the amazing images.  Even with a fussy baby the pictures were still great.  Perfect!!

-Chris & Susie & CJ

Thank you so so much for putting together such a great memory for my husband & me.  He will LOVE the photos!  You have such a great gift in photography & what you created for us through your gift will forever be cherished in our relationship.  Thank you again!


We were so pleased with our photographs and the whole experience with Lightdances. Dirk was so flexible and made our experience very pleasurable.

-Janet Hecker

I am very pleased with the photos you took of me. I feel you captured the “me” I want people to see. I’m happy to refer you to my associates. Many Thanks

-Bob DeBolt

The photos are gorgeous! The photo session was very enjoyable and easy with so many poses. It was relaxed and very fun! Thanks so much we will be back!

-Maureen Page

The photos are so beautiful! We love them! We also appreciate your kindness! Thanks!

-Anne Hickerson

Dirk, I really appreciate your professionalism and creative knowledge. The pictures are beyond lovely & make me look great. Thanks

-Donna Jacobsen, John L. Scott Real Estate

Thanks Dirk, Great shots and you were a pleasure to work with!

-Tom Blodgett

Dirk – You are a true professional, Your work is outstanding! You are a genuine person and I cant wait to refer you to others. Thank You!

-Tracy Lafferty New Skin Boise Id.

Thank you so much for making our senior photo experience so easy and fun. We had a great time! Thank You !

-Gail Russell

Dirk, You had such patience with our newborn during our photo shoot! We very much appreciate all the great photos for our family from our wedding to our now growing family. We will be back!

-Cassy, Kevin, Emily & Carter Spenner

I have been admiring your work for several years now. I am very happy with the results of our photos.

-Rachele Wanoka

The time you took with us, both during the wedding as well as the time showing the finished photos was great and wonderful of you. And your work is beautiful! Thank you so much!

-Larry & Ema Dennis

Great Job! I was impressed by the final versions of the portraits and the positive comments about my daughter. I Love Dirk’s suggestions and no pressure atmosphere!

-Diana Libs

We have had several sessions over the last few years with Dirk and they all have been great! We are always pleased with his work which is why we keep coming back.

-Devon & JR Jeppson

I though you did a great job on my senior portraits! I’ll refer you to my friends and family!

-Vanessa Brown

Dirk , I had a great experience with our photoshoot you were extreamly easy and fun to work with, you made everything very exciting for me. Everything turned out great! Thank You!

-Kelsee Brewer

Wow! I sure do appreciate what your photography has done for my dental office reception area! It has taken the feel and the warmth completly to the next level! Thank You!

-Taylor Clark, DDS

Dirk, you did an absolutly fantastic job with my portraits! You made me look WONDERFUL !! Great job, If anyone needs a little shove, give them my phone #, tell them to call me and I’ll set them straight….you need to have Dirk photograph you!

-Peggy Fahy

love, love the portraits! Money well spent!

-Kris M.

Dirk did a excellent job working with our family, and the Photos were excellent!. We are very satisfied!

-Jeff & Cheryl Schrader  

We had a fun time and the wall portrait is perfect for our home, thank you so much!

Thank you Dirk! We loved the portraits!  

Dirk Thank you for your work we appreciate the fabulous images you

Created for us!

Lightdance’s is the best! You guys rock!  

A great family experience! Dirk Did a beautiful job of capturing our family in a real and wonderful setting.

-The Bullock family 

Dirk did an amazing job He is wonderful with children and families, The pictures were beautiful!

-Chris & Christine

You guys did an awesome job! You were so easy to work with and the photos are beautiful! You can’t even tell I wasn’t feeling well. We will tell everyone we know about Lightdance’s Photography!

Thank you so much!

-Michael & Mandy  

Dirk was fabulous. The pictures turned out so nice, I love them. He was very easy going and let us be us. Not to posed but let our personalities come through the pictures. His work is great. I would defiantly recommend Dirk to anyone. We are going to use him in the future for our family photos. Our wedding pictures are great! Thank you so much!

-Michelle & Shawn

Thank you so much for taking our engagement picture and pictures of our special day! They all turned out beautiful! We will highly recommend you!

-Chris & Lisa  

Thanks for doing such a GREAT job with our wedding pictures!

-Richard & Natalie  

Dirk Thank you for being so calm during the photography of our wedding. Your professionalism and expertise was so impressive. Thanks for a job well done!

-Kerrie & Cathy  

The Photos turned out wonderfully, We were pleased with everything that Dirk did for us. His customer service was great & was fun to work with. We would recommend anyone working with him.

-Katie & Travis

Talent & Models Kind words

I have always wanted to be a model since I was a little girl so it was exciting when a scout came up to me from a local agency and suggested I stop by their office to talk more.  They claimed that I was exactly what the market was looking for and that I was going to make a lot of money.  They then said all I had to do was come up with $2000 dollars in three months! like it was the easiest thing to do! You then had to sign a contract saying if you didn’t have the photos taken by their photographer by the end of those three months and if you had not taken the required classes you would be dropped by the agency, but would still have to pay the money (Talk about pressure) I of course believed that this is what i had to do to make it so I got a couple loans, worked extra shifts for work and gave them the money.  Not only did I get behind on rent but I lacked sleep and any social life whatsoever!  And for what you ask?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!  I signed on with them in January and have not received one Job or even a phone call.    When it was time to work with their photographer who was supposedly pretty much a god. The pictures were the worst and everything else that went along with it.  The photographer did not have a hair and makeup team like they had said he would, it was just him.  My hair and makeup have not looked so bad in my life.  He also told me I could be pretty if only i was skinnier and told me I probably should eat better. Then he told me other mean things that were not necessary at all. All in all one of the worst days of my life and the only photographer that has made me look and feel bad. This so called talent agency literally screwed me over and stole my money and respect.  I then decided that in order to get anywhere I needed to reach out to local photographers.  I contacted Dirk and have never looked back.  He was very professional and made me feel confident and beautiful which really showed in my pictures.  Dirk has a beautiful sense of what looks good and really builds on that so you get the best pictures that you could ever ask for and more.  He is one of the best photographers and I try to work with him as much as i can.

 -Kristen  R., Nampa ID

The Kids had fun getting their pics done by Dirk! Thank You!

-Tina Lee Nampa ID.

He turned a bad day into an absolutely beautiful photo. A day we will never forget, and pictures we will always cherish. Thank you for your saintly patience!

-Christiana Haskins Kuna ID.

We had an amazing experience, and the pictures turned out soo beautiful! Dirk was patient in working with my two year old was absolutely outstanding.

-Heather Parry Nampa ID.

Dirk has amazing patience with children and I am so incredibly impressed!

-Danielle Escarsega Meridian ID.

Dirk was very professional, efficent and made the entire process very quick and painless. The photos came out phenominal quality and were well worth the money!

-Justin LaFrance

Dirk was awesome! Very comfortable and gave great direction. I would love to work with you again.

-Amber R.

Great photographer! Fun session!

-Sandra R., Nampa ID

Great to work! Was very fun to work with and gave great direction. Very comfortable environment-had a fun experience!

-Tasha M.  

Great Photos!!!!!!!!!!!

-Megan S.,  Boise ID

Great experience. Extremely relaxing environment and very personable photographer!

-Michelle F.,  Eagle ID

Dirk was very professional and fun to work with!

-Camille G.  

Had a great time and loved the photographs!

-Laura S.  

You make me beautiful!


Great fun, Easy and enjoyable!


Great space, easy guy t o work with. As a “guy” I don’t like having my picture taken less than going to the dentist. Dirk made it easy!

-John F.